Library & Information Common

Loss or Damage

1.     Books published before 1940 will not be issued. An interested scholar might read them in the library and might get the needed reference photocopied.

2.     Books lost, damaged or mutilated in any way will have to be replaced or paid for. The cost of such books shall be double/triple/four times the prevailing cost vide DPI Punjab‘s letter No.  10560-67/ DDI; dated 22-03-1999. The Librarian shall decide the price of rare book(s) and get it approved by the Vice Chancellor.

3.     If a volume of a set/series is damaged by a user and is not available separately, the whole set will have to be replaced or paid for by the person concerned.

4.     If any member leaves the university without returning book(s) borrowed from the library, the price of the book(s) will be adjusted against her security dues with the university.