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Personal & Special Collection

It is usual that great scholars sometimes gift their personal collections of books to institutional libraries. Such collections gifted to this library are;

Dr.S.M.Akhtar’s Collection 

This collection belonged to eminent economist late Dr.S.M.Akhtar and was gifted by his family in 2001. It has 187 books. The collection covers valuable titles of literature & social science and is a good source of research reference.

Dr.Haq Nawaz Shah’s Collection
The library received this collection in 2009 from Mrs. Haq Nawaz Shah. It has about 206 books on different subjects. Our scholars and teachers value this donation.

National Book Foundation has also been a benevolent donor for quite a number of years & has contributed towards the enrichment of our library.

Special Collection
Beside personal collection, Special Collection has been developed in the library in 2008. This section includes very old and rare books on various subjects in Hindi. These books are arranged in a separate room. The readers are allowed to use these books within the library premises.