Library & Information Common


  1. Library members are expected to follow the rules strictly.

  2. Pin-drop silence is appreciated.

  3. If a member feels like showing a friend round the library she must request the Librarian for prior permission.

  4. Eating snacks in the library and texting must be avoided.

  5. Imprinting any kind of marks or scribbles is strictly prohibited.

  6. Members are required to check books at the time of issuance and must bring to the notice of staff at the circulation desk any defect or damage done to the reading material.

  7. Reference service is available to old students.

  8. Members are advised not to bring personal books or handbags into the library. Such articles must be deposited at the relevant counter before entering the library.

  9. Users are not allowed to change computer settings or install software by themselves.

  10. Items borrowed from the library should never be passed on to others.