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LCWU hosted a Easter Celebration for Christian Staff

Lahore College for Women University hosted a vibrant Easter Celebration, welcoming Christian staff members, dignitaries, and esteemed guests. The event, graced by Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Shagufta Naz and Dean of the Faculty of Islamic and Oriental Learning, Prof Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi showcased the university's commitment to inclusivity and unity.
Highlighting the spirit of communal harmony, all Christian employees enthusiastically participated in the festivities, underscoring LCWU's dedication to diversity. Prof Dr. Naz delivered a poignant address, emphasizing the importance of love and interfaith harmony, while extending warm Easter congratulations to the Christian community.
In a gesture of appreciation and affection, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Naz announced monetary gestures for Grade 1-16 Christian & Muslim employees, symbolizing LCWU's support and recognition on this auspicious occasion.
The Easter celebration at LCWU exemplified the university's values of inclusivity, unity, and respect for all faiths, reaffirming its role as a beacon of harmony in the community.