Department of Social Work


  • Impart knowledge about the philosophical values of Social Work profession and welfare system.

  • Broaden students thinking horizon, sharpen their observational skills and strengthen their analytical capabilities about social problems and social processes.

  • Give a more complete understanding of the role of government and private institutions in securing and rehabilitating the maltreated and victimized population.

  • Train students in Social Work methodologies and field placement and internships, which further help them in their career planning.

  • Community development and the skills of local capacity building.

  • Administration processes like planning, staffing, supervising, budgeting etc. which are essential part of any social service organization.

  • Issues involved in aging and the policies and services need to meet in this context.

  • Community based disaster and risk management strategies and the ways to mobilize the community resources for preparedness and public awareness.

  • Criminology, delinquency and role of social workers in correctional institutions.