Department of Statistics


Workshop on “Spatial Data Analysis in ArcGIS and SaTScan” organized by LISA-LCWU in Collaboration with LISA 2020, UCB

LISA-LCWU has organized an International virtual workshop titled as: “Spatial Data Analysis in ArcGIS and SaTScan” on Nov 24th, 2021. The ArcGIS software is a geographical information system (GIS) software that allows handling and analyzing geographic information by visualizing geographical statistics.
The resource person of the event was Ms. Abeera Shakeel Visiting Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. She completed her MS from Lahore College for Women University in the subject of Statistics and she is working as an internee of LISA-LCWU since 2019.  Dr. Asifa Kamal, Chairperson, Department of Statistics and Coordinator LISA-LWCU 2020 highlighted the role of LISA-LCWU in expanding statistical literacy and capacity building of women in Statistics.

The participants were students, and faculty members from different countries Brazil, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Malaysia.  In the workshop importance of GIS and Spatial Data analysis was discussed. The instructor also trained the participants on how to work on ArcGIS and SaTScan using DHS dataset. Dr. Asifa Kamal thanked Professor Dr. Eric Vance, Director LISA 2020 network, for his support to organize the workshop and also extended her note of thanks to the Resource person, LISA-LWCU team (Ms. Asma Zeb, Ms. Faiza Afzal and Ms. Sadaf Malik) and the attendees of the workshop.

Statistics Poster Competition 2021

The Statistics Poster Competition 2021, titled as “Let the data speak” was organized by the Department of Statistics, LCWU in collaboration with ORIC for the 100 years celebrations of LCWU. The purpose of competition was to bring together young researchers and practitioners. The event had provided a forum to showcase the research, share and discuss ways to improve the access to knowledge, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.

The worthy Vice Chancellor Dr. Bushra Mirza, honorable Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Dr. Muhammad Afzal, Director ORIC, judges and guests graced the event with their kind presence.

Total 53 posters were presented in this competition under the categories BS, MS and Ph.D. The other departments also participated in the competition. The posters were evaluated by the honorable judges Prof. Dr. Mian Mohammad Hanif, Prof. Dr. Ayesha Roohi, Dr. Jamal Abdul Nasir, Ms. Mahnaz Makhdoom and Dr. Sharqa Hashmi.

The Chairperson of Statistics Department, Dr. Asifa Kamal shared her views about the event and highlighted the achievements of Statistics Department of LCWU on national and international levels. The worthy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Bushra Mirza addressed the gathering and appreciated the participants. Dr. Hanif highlighted the role of Statistics as a subject in our society.

All the participants’ research work was appreciated by judges. Members of jury valued the presenter’s hard work and enthusiasm then announced the winners among them.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in the MS. Thesis (Mathematical Statistics) were achieved by Aqsa Rafique, Mehak Taufiq and Jiya Amir. The 1st position in MS. Thesis (Applied Statistics) was obtained by Sadaf Malik, and Tanzila Noor & Adan Kamran got 2nd positions. The 3rd position was secured by Faiza Ilyas.

Similarly, in BS. Thesis (Mathematical Statistics), 1st  position was secured by Neeha Aamer and Aqsa Rafique, the 2nd and 3rd position holders were Aatik Riaz and Fatima Majeed respectively. In BS (Applied Statistics) 1st place was secured by Sana Nazir, Ayesha Mumtaz got 2nd position and 3rd position was secured by Iqsa Waseem & Areej Arshad.

In the BS (Project) category, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders were Afrah Hafeez, Humera Afzal and Ayesha Sadiq respectively. The 1st , 2nd and 3rd positions in other departments category were attained by Nazish (Applied Psychology), Sidra Rasheed (Geography) and Saira Arshad (Economics) respectively.

Dr. Asifa Kamal, Chairperson of the Department thanked the respected Dean and worthy Vice Chancellor for their valuable time. Chairperson, Dean and Vice Chancellor presented the bouquets and souvenirs to the respected Judges of the competition.

Dr. Aqsa Shabbir, Director ORIC and her team was thanked for their support and guidance in organizing the event. All the persons involved were appreciated for their efforts in making the event a success.

Towards the end, Dr. Asifa Kamal acknowledged the contributions of all the faculty members in uplifting the department with their endless efforts and proficiency. 

LISA-LCWU Workshop on “Mendeley”

LISA-LCWU has organized a workshop entitled: “Mendeley” on Oct 12th, 2021 to facilitate the researchers during their research work. The software is used to automatically generate bibliographies and offers a vicinity to interact with one’s peer group. The resource person of the event was Dr. Sehar Saleem Lecture, Department of Statistics, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. She completed her PhD from University of the Punjab in the subject of Statistics. She has acquired a vast experience in supervising research work. The event was attended by 46 participants including students, faculty members and researchers from within and outside the University. Dr. Asifa Kamal, COD Department of Statistics also graced the event and extended her note of thanks to the resource person and the attendees of the workshop.

Online Workshop “Tidyverse for Data Science”

Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis, Lahore College for Women, University, Lahore (LISA-LCWU) has conducted eight days (20-28 July, 2020) free online workshop on “Tidyverse for Data Science”. Tidyverse provides tidy tools that are smart and composable and it has made the data analysis process easy. Resource person was Dr. Asifa Kamal, Associate Professor Statistics, Lahore College for Women, University, Lahore, Pakistan. Financial support for the workshop was provided by International Statistical Institute in the context of capacity building of women in Statistics and Data Science. The mission of International Statistical Institute is to lead, support and promote understanding, development of Statistics and good practices worldwide. Workshop was well attended altogether by national and international students and scholars. Preference was given to women in Statistics. In the closing ceremony, Director LISA 2020 network, Professor Eric Vance through his video message, appreciated Dr. Asifa Kamal for her efforts as LISA 2020 member in organizing the workshop. He explained the role of International Statistical Institute in the promotion of Statistics.
In his message he said that objective of LISA 2020 network laboratories is to transform evidence into action and best way of transforming evidence into action is to analyze data that leads to conclusion for policy implication. He said this is the year of women in Statistics and Data Science. He gave message to all women in Statistics to train themselves in computing skills so that they can play their role in making decisions and for policy recommendations. Prof. Atinuke Olusola Adebanji, Chairperson Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, KNUST, Ghana, attended online closing ceremony and appreciated Dr. Asifa Kamal for her efforts of capacity building of Pakistani women in Statistics. Coordinator LISA KU, Dr. Lubna Naz said that workshop is helpful for those who want to work on big data. She congratulated Dr. Asifa Kamal for organizing the online workshop in the COVID 19 period when in campus, activities are closed. Chairperson, department of Statistics, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Ms. Mahnaz Makhdum emphasized the importance of tidyverse for data scientists. She said that practical skills will help students of Statistics, in competing the job market. Finally Dr. Asifa Kamal concluded last session by thanking ISI. She said that efforts of Professor Dr. Eric Vance, Director LISA 2020, University of Colorado Boulder, USA will always be recognized who provided Statisticians of developing countries a network for collaborations. This workshop is a step towards improving statistical skills and data literacy through workshops. She also thanked Professor Dr. Atinuke Adebanji, Ms. Mahnaz Makhdum and Dr. Lubna Naz for joining the last session of workshop. Dr. Asifa Kamal highly appreciated Professor Dr. Bushra Mirza, Vice Chnacellor Lahore College for Women University who is always the source of inspiration and encouragement to take up initiatives and it was not possible to organize such activities without her constant support.

Message of Professor Eric Vance  

Lecture: “How Statistics Specialists Can Help In Medical Research” 

Workshops and seminars are an inherent part of LCWU culture. These seminars and workshops are for the benefit of both faculty and learners. Keeping the legacy, LISA-LCWU conducted  a one-day lecture on “how statistics specialists can help in medical research” on 15 July 2021 at the Department of Statistics to spread research knowledge among young statisticians. The lecture was chaired by Dr. Asifa Kamal. The resource person was Dr. Abdul Rehman Khawaja, HOD Biostatistics and CEO of Medical Statistics Research Academy, Lahore. The Lecture focused on how to find a good topic for research, how to write a research proposal and research report, how to conduct research and collect statistical and medical data accordingly. Furthermore, it was also elaborated that how to convert a report into a research paper. 
In the end, the participants were actively involved in the discussion and were enthusiastic about knowing the future of biostatistics. The lecture was incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring. The entire program was coordinated with the support of HOD, faculty, and research scholars. Lastly, the chairperson commented on the scope and importance of biostatistics in upcoming years. 

WORKSHOP “LaTex and EndNote”(2021)

Dated: 22nd Feb to 26th, 2021:LISA LCWU, since its establishment, conducted numerous national and International level virtual workshops,  for the faculty and young researchers. In continuation,  one week workshop on softwares ‘LaTex’ and ‘EndNote’, dated 22nd Feb to 26th, 2021, had been arranged.The   workshops   was   exclusively   designed   for   the   researchers,   who   wish   to document the research article or thesis professionally without hassle of formatting, from Feb 22nd to Feb 26th, 2021. Large number of Faculty and research students attended the workshop. The first event was comprised of four days’ workshop entitled:  LATEX, A Useful Tool For Thesis And Research Paper Writing, dated  Feb 22nd to Feb25th 2021. LaTeX is the requirement of many journals for publishing the research article. The Objective of the Latex Workshop was to gain the knowledge about documentation on open source tool and developed a basic understanding of Latex.  Ms. Naz Saud, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics was the resource person and Ms. Aqsa Rafique, Research student, assisted the event. Participants experienced a special hands on practice learning session through which they got a better understanding of Latex tool and applications for it.
Another one day event conducted by the Department entitled: Organize your Research with EndNote, was held on Feb 26th 2021. EndNote software helps the researchers to save time by downloading, storing and managing references. Ms.   Abira Shakeel   (Research student), Instructor   of   the   training   workshop, guided the participants to use software for managing their research work in an efficient way .

In closing ceremony, Dr. Asifa Kamal, Chairperson and Coordinator, LISA-LCWU, explained the role of LISA 2020 “statslabs”. She emphasized the importance of trainings in building statistical analysis capacity. She presented a vote of thanks to the resource persons and participants for their cooperation and to  LISA-LCWU for organizing a successful event. 

At the end of the event, the participants were awarded the certificates.


Department of Statistics under the supervision of Statistics Society has arranged a one week workshop on “Data Science with Tidyverse” from 2-11-2020 TO 6-11-2020. This one week workshop was the part of LISA 2020 3rd Symposium, particularly focusing on connecting to build capacity to transform evidence into action and celebrate the international year of women in Statistics and Data Science. Dr. Asifa Kamal, Associate Professor (Statistics) was the speaker. She completed her Post-Doctorate from University of Southampton, UK. The purpose of this workshop was to provide students and faculty members the basic idea of Big Data and data handling using tidyverse. 30 participants attended the workshop and it was a great help for new researchers.

Four Days Celebration in Context with LISA 2020 Symposium: “Connecting to Build Capacity to Transform Evidence into Action” and the International Year of Women in Statistics and Data Science  FundingApproved by ISI (WB TFSCB) Organized by Department of Statistics in collaboration with  LISA-LCWU, Lahore Dated: 19th October, 2020 to 22nd October, 2020

Statistics department has arranged a series of events in the context of LISA 2020 3rdSymposium, particularly focusing on connecting to build capacity to transform evidence into action and celebrate the international year of women in Statistics and Data Science. For entire series of events financialsupport was approved by International Statistical Institute (ISI).

Day 1

One day workshopon “Advance Analysis Skills & Graphing Solutions in Scientific Research with GraphPad PRISM”dated 19 – 10 – 2020 was organized. Ms. AfzaRasul, Lecturer (also PhD Scholar at GCU, Lahore), was instructor. The workshop focused on visualization of data using PRISM. Total 31 participants were registered, majority were faculty of Statistics department, students of MS Statistics and PhD scholars from Biotechnology department. 

Day 2

International Webinar

An international webinar was organizedunder the title: “Statistics: Solution to Interdisciplinary Research Problems”. This webinar was the sub event of the 3rd LISA 2020 International Symposium. Event was chaired by MS. Mahnaz Makhdum Chairperson Department of Statistics, LCWU, Lahore. Vice Chancellor LCWU, Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza joined webinar and appreciated the efforts of Department of Statistics and LISA LCWU, for their contribution to promote the subject and their role in the capacity building of women in Statistics. The webinar included four talks. Dr. Sat Gupta, Professor of Statistics and Head, Mathematics and Statistic Department at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro United States put a light on 

A Mixture Binary RRT Model with a Unified Measure of Privacy and Efficiency

Prof. Dr. Saleha Naghmi Habibullah, Professor of statistics and former Research Director at Kinnaird College for women talked about:

“Role of Higher Education Institutions in Spreading Awareness Regarding the Socio-Economic Situation of Pakistan”

Dr. Faiza Tabassum was the 3rd speaker. She is a faculty member at Southampton Business School, UK. Her topic of discussion was:

“Interdisciplinary Research: The Role of Statistics”

And the last speaker was Dr. Maryam Ilyas, Assistant Professor from College of Statistics & actuarial sciences, University of the Punjab. She talked about:

“Spatial Statistics with Applications to Climate Science”

While concluding webinar Dr. Asifa Kamal, member LISA-LCWU, gave brief overview of LISA 2020 network. She thanked International Statistical Institute (ISI) for approval of financial support for all the events conducted by LISA-LCWU. She also invited participants to become member of ISI. Being a member of LISA-LCWU, she appreciated the efforts of Prof. Dr. Eric Vance for generating collaborative network of Statisticians for developing countries.

Zoom was used to conduct webinar and attached it to LCWU WebTV that broadcasted it live. It can be watched using following link

Day 3-4

Two days’ workshop was conducted from 21–10–2020 to 22–10– 2020 under the title:

“Structural Equation Modeling, Mediation and Moderation Analysis using AMOS and the PROCESS macro for SPSS”

Dr. Sharjeel Saleem, Associate Professor, Lyallpur Business School, Government College University, Faisalabad was the instructor. Number of participants accommodated were 34. In this workshop faculty and PhD scholars from Statistics, Psychology, Mass Communication, Economics and Business Management department. 

All these events has uplifted the subject of Statistics and not only benefited women in Statistics but also boosted image of Statistics as interdisciplinary subject in other departments of university.

Data Visualization, Simulation & Optimization of Generalized Linear Models through Mathematica

A one week workshop on “Data Visualization, Simulation & Optimization of Generalized Linear Models through Mathematica” is being held from Feb 24th to 28th, 2020. The resource person will be Dr. Sharqa Hashmi, Assistant Professor, department of Statistics, LCWU. Faculty and students of BS and MS of LCWU will attend the workhop.


A seminar will be organized on Mar 4th, 2020 by Statistical Society. The resource person will be Professor Sat N. Gupta, a fellow of the American Statistical Association, Professor and Head of the department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA.

Research poster competition

Research poster competition will be accompanied with the seminar on Mar 4th, 2020. Students will present their research conducted in different fields of Statistics.

Data Analysis Assistance through SPSS

Department of Statistics has arranged a student activity on 10th- 11th of April, named as:“Data Analysis Assistance through SPSS”

It was two days open desk activity that allowed the students and researchers to come and get guidance in their research with reference to the software. Students of BS-IV along with faculty members were available on their desks at the main entrance of PG Block. The main consultancy areas contain Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Testing & ANOVA, Descriptive Statistics, Logistic Regression, Non-Parametric Tests, and Data entry related issues. They guided the respective audience under the supervision of faculty members from statistics department. The overall response of the event was appreciable and provided the students a chance to face real life data analysis statistical issues.

SPSS Data Entry Builder-4

A lecture was arranged by Department of Statistics on “SPSS Data Entry Builder-4”. The main purpose was to introduce students and researchers a new way to handle and manage data entry. The resource person was Dr. Abdul Qayyum, working as a Statistician in Crop Reporting Service, Agriculture Department, Punjab. It was totally a new way to handle data entry and manage bulk of data in proper form. It was worthy information for students as well as for faculty members who can use it further in surveys and intense data handling. 

A New Class of Bivariate Distributions with Some Applications

The department of statistics has been regular in organizing research and learning activities by prominent statisticians.Continuing this tradition, a lecture on the topic of “A New Class of Bivariate Distributions with Some Applications” was delivered on 15-05-2014 by Dr. Muhammad Mohsin, Assistant Professor at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore. Dr. Mohsin did his Ph.D in Applied Statistics from Alpen-Adria University, Klagenfurt, Austria.

The objective of the lecture was to highlight one of the important dimensions of statistical research. The talk was about the construction of a New Class of Distributions Generated from Functional Scale Parameter. Dr. Mohsin further discussed the role and application of probability distributions on the environmental data with the help of software R. He highly emphasized the importance of R language.Further dimensions of his research were also shared which can be very helpful for the students involved in research.

Utilization of Simulation Theory in Research using R-Language

Department of Statistics, LCWU arranged a lecture on “Utilization of Simulation Theory in Research using R-Language” on December 10, 2013. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Suhail Chand, Ph.D (Statistics) from University of Nottingham, UK, and Assistant Professor, College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is a scholar who has distinguished himself by his academic and professional achievements in the field of statistics. He has also been awarded “University of the Punjab, Best Teacher Award” in 2006.

The lecture started with the basic concept of simulation. It is the computational technique that generates large datasets under specific assumptions. Dr. Chand discussed the advanced computing skills and simulations using R language. He described the ways through which we can deal the statistical data in a better way using simulation technique. He also mentioned the Monte Carlo Simulation Methods, which is the branch of simulation involving random sampling from Probability Distributions.
The lecture was attended by faculty and students of department of statistics, which proved to be very informative, and educative and will indeed benefit us all.

Advanced Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

A two-week long workshop on “Time Series, Analysis & Forecasting” for the faculty & students of Department of Statistics, Economics, and Management Sciences held at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU).

This workshop was conducted by Dr Akram Chaudhry of Warwick University, currently working at University of Bahrain and was a joint effort of LCWU & FC College University. The program was funded by the Ministry of Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education (National Talent Pool) whose focus is on various aspects of improving the Pakistani education system by encouraging expatriate Pakistani experts to contribute to local educational development needs.
Speaking at the certificate awarding ceremony, the Chief Guest, Awais Kundi, Joint Secretary at Ministry of Education, appreciated the efforts of LCWU for maximising the benefit of the National Talent Pool Programme by organising 5th international workshop. He also thanked the facilitator Dr Akram Chaudhry for his valuable input in developing the skills of modern techniques of forecasting among the faculty and students. Dr Akram Chaudhry appreciated the high quality research work of international standards being conducted by the faculty and students of Statistics Department at LCWU.

Bio Statistics

Department of Statistics  , Lahore COLLEGE FOR WOMEN UNIVERSITY organized a special lecture on “Research Methodology ” by  Asif Hanif on 19-04-2013 in the Pharmacy Lecture Room.

Asif Hanif did his M. Phil (Biostatistics and Epidemiology) from “King’s Edward Medical University, Lahore”, M. S (Applied Statistics) from “National College of Business Administration and Economics” & M. Sc.(Biostatistics) from “University of the Punjab, Lahore” .Many Thesis of medical students has been done Under his supervision. He has also  given  an award of “A+ Pakistani” on his achievements and successes in May,2011. Moreover he have been rewarded with a title of “Icon Personality for Special Persons” .
Mr. Asif  enlightened different dimensions of research and various type of research papers and  their details. He  emphasized on the importance of research and also taught many tools of Analysis  for different types of data.

Quiz Competition

Statistical society arranged a two day QUIZ COMPETITION on 8ᵗʰ & 9ᵗʰ April, 2013 in connection with the ongoing celebrations of the ‘International Year of Statistics’ declared by “International Statistical Institute”. The participants were the students of  BS I, II, III, IV.  The purpose of the Quiz program is to enhance and groom the educational capabilities of the students,  and to bring out the sense of healthy competition and confidence in them. The competition was judged by Aliya Fawad(Asst. Prof) & Ms. Naila Amjad (Asst. Prof).

On day one, the two competing teams were from BS III & BS IV. There were 3 teams, each comprising of four members, two from BS III and two members from BS IV. Team C won the competition and the members of the winning team were: Syeda Amna Wajahat, Qurat-ul-Ain Amir, Faika Binte Nasir, Hina Gul.
On day two, the students from BSI and II participated in the competition. There were three teams, each  comprising of four members two from BS I and 2 members from BS II. Team A was declared the winner. The members of winning team were: Anam Rafi, Sehrish, Ayesha Islam, Mamoona Mahmood.

Many interesting rounds were held to make quiz more interesting like Group question round, individual question round, buzzer round, rapid fire round & topic selection.
In the end, all the participants and the winners received certificates from the Head of Statistics Department Dr. Ayesha Roohi. 

Time Series and Application to Real World Data

Statistics department of Lahore College for Women University, Lahore arranged a lecture on Time Series and Application to the Real World Data in connection with the ongoing celebrations of the ‘International Year of Statistics’ declared by “International Statistical Institute” on Friday 1ˢᵗ Feb, 2013 in the IT Seminar Room by Dr. Akram M Chaudhry.

Dr. Akram did his PH.D in Statistics from University of Warwick, UK and MA in Statistics and Economics from Punjab University. He developed numerous linear dynamic system models and state space models for time series analysis. He is a member of number of professional bodies like Member of Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences, Member of American Statistical Association, USA and many more.
Dr Akram briefly discussed the basic applications of the Time Series and how we can use it in the Real World Data. It’s the major part of Statistics. He directed us how to make use of Statistical Packages for analysis.
In the end there was an interactive questions answer session in which all the students participated actively.

Importance and application of R-Language

A lecture was delivered by Dr.  Muhammad Azam held on 28.11.2012 addressing the importance and application of R-Language. R is known to be the most powerful statistical computing language. It has the capability to calculate almost every statistical equation and every type of statistical problem. The language has unparalleled ability to sort through data sets and predictive modeling. The lecture revealed the importance of R-language in research and its being simple and user friendly programing language.

The lecture started with the basic introduction to R  and how we can have access to the software. Afterwards Dr.  Muhammad Azam gave an introduction to the students on the use of R-language starting with the simple programs and proceeded to more complex programs. He also gave demonstration on the usage of functions and its large built in library of functions. He also gave an introduction of different packages of the R which revealed the wide capability of the language. Overall the lecture was very informative and fruitful especially for the beginners to have a good understanding of the R package.

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistics department has arranged a poster competition on statistical data analysis on 26 June, 2012. Students from BS-3, BS-4 and MS participated in the competition. Posters were based on our daily lives. A variety of sectors like education, environment, health, education, GDP, etc. were focused. Analyses were based on different statistical techniques like regression, time series analysis and correlation.

Head of statistics department, Deans, faculty members and other guests visited. The   competition was evaluated by Prof MasoodAmjad Khan from GCU. From the students of MS and BS-4 Anum Fatima got  the first position certificate and the group of ZunairaZaheer , Samra Ali and HinaIftikhar got the first position certificate from BS-3.All the other  students got the certificate of participation.The function ended at 1:00pm.

Applied Research Areas in Statistics and Availability of Datasets

On 24th may 2012, Guests speaker Mudassar Ahmad, (DGM&E) at planning and development department delivered lecture to the students of BS Statistics (Semester IV, VI, VIII) on “Applied research areas in statistics and availability of data sets”. He presented the methods of data selection and application of research techniques. He gave examples of real life data sets which are available in Punjab. This lecture helped students to have broader view about a data selection and proper analysis of data according to availability.

Development of Statistics in Pakistan (Partially funded by HEC)

In July 2010 Islamic Society of Statistical Sciences invited all institutions to join the weeklong celebrations (from 18.10.2010 to 23.10.2010) in connection with the World Statistics Day being celebrated worldwide on 18.10.2010. Department of Statistics at LAHORE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN UNIVERSITY, LAHORE (LCWU) decided to contribute to the same by organizing a seminar on “Development of Statistics in Pakistan”. In addition an essay competition highlighting different aspects of the subjects was held for students studying at different levels of BS Hons. Program. A panel of eminent professors from GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY (GCU), Lahore was appointed to judge the competition.
The Seminar was held on 19.10.2010 in collaboration with HEC. Faculty members from statistics departments at all female colleges of Lahore, public sector as well as private sector universities in Lahore, University of Gujrat and Quaid-e-Azam university, Islamabad were invited to attend the seminar. The objective of seminar was to highlight the role and development of statistics in Pakistan since independence. Proceedings of seminar started with an opening speech by Dr. Bushra Mateen, the Vice Chancellor of LCWU, followed by welcome address by Dr. Ayesha Roohi, the head of statistics department, LCWU.

The first lecture highlighting, “The Current Status of Statistics in Pakistan”  was delivered by Dr. Munir Ahmad, who is the rector of National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBA&E) and one of the founding members of ISOSS. After tea break, the 2nd session started with the lecture on “Importance Of Sampling And Sampling Distributions” by Dr. Shahid Kamal, the principal of College of Statistical and Acturial Sciences, University of Punjab. During this session, the winners of the essay competition briefly presented their essays. The 3rd session started with a lecture by Dr. Khalid Pervaiz, Dean/Head of statistics department at GCU, Lahore. The topic of his lecture was “Probability and Probability Distributions”. The last lecture was on “Official Statistics in Pakistan” by Mr. Shamim Rafique, the director general BOS Punjab.

During the closing ceremony souvenirs were presented to the resource persons and the Vice Chancellor, LCWU. Overall this seminar highly contributed to the enhancement of application of statistics in various fields.