Department of Applied Psychology

COD's Message

I welcome you all to the wonderful world of Psychology :

Rightly called the study of behavior and mental processes. This diverse field provides you with an opportunity to become a Professional Psychologist to serve humanity. You have the chance to help the world become a better place by learning and practicing in the specialized areas of Psychology like Cognitive, Social, Biological, Comparative, Developmental, Personality, Abnormal, Sports, Industrial, Law, Health Psychology and so forth. As the saying goes, if it comes to the human mind as a problem the psychologists study it to find solutions for it. In a world where 7 billion individuals face daily hassles and stresses the field of Psychology would always be a source of effective coping strategies and would always be in demand as a great career choice.

I challenge you to a world of stimulating knowledge which has now dispelled the misplaced modifier that Clinical psychologists apply what is learned to help only those with mental disorders or in distress or in pain. In recent times, the field of psychology’s relevance has been more towards bringing the best out of the human mind. Today, the Psychologists are busy giving advice to help people reach their full potential. You will see Psychologists suggesting ways to Governments/Businesses/ Organizations to organize work environments to maximize productivity and happiness. You would come across Psychologists helping teachers more effectively teach their students. You would watch how Psychologists aid and provide strength to the legal system. You would observe Psychologists helping sportsmen and athletes to excel and overcome the barriers which hamper their performance. You would notice the Psychologist helping engineers improve the working condition of industries. And last but not the least you would witness that Psychologists are busy in helping the doctors counsel the patients and better communicate the risks and benefits of particular procedures to their patients, to name only a few.

A degree in psychology is a significant proof that you have a developed critical thinking, interpersonal, written and oral communication, statistical, and research skills that are useful in most domains. To become a research or applied psychologist, a PhD is a prerequisite. However, a BS or MS in psychology is desirable to employers in many areas, including advertising, childcare, consulting, customer services, educational services, financial services, government services, human resources, law enforcement, marketing, public relations, management, social services, teaching and, of course, counseling. 

LCWU offers under grad, grad. and post grad classes in psychology. Although all psychology majors gain research experience, the M.S. is specifically designed for students who intend to graduate with excellent research experience. The four year BS. is more flexible, allowing students to tailor the major to their own specific interests. The strengths of LCWU’s program rest on a small group of dedicated faculty who teach a wide variety of courses that span the field. There are between 5 and 15 students at the postgraduate level assuring a high level of student-faculty interaction. The number of students at the undergraduate level ranges between 30 and 50. Research and internship opportunities are readily available and faculty is always happy and willing to mentor motivated students on independent projects. Psychology majors at LCWU are intelligent independent young women who receive a top-quality education in one of science’s most diverse fields.

Prof. Dr. Talat Sohail

Chairperson of the Department