Department of Applied Psychology


Internship at the BS Level:

Students of BS Applied Psychology are required to complete an internship of 80 hours (in Organizational, Clinical or Health Psychology) for the partial fulfillment of their BS degree. For this purpose they choose different hospitals and organizations according to their area of interest. Students submit internships reports which are evaluated by an external examiner. Viva voce is also taken. Since 2008, students have been doing internships in diverse places such as Mental Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Services Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital, NARI Rehabilitation Institute, Mayo Hospital and several other banks and organizations. Internships provide a unique opportunity to students to apply their knowledge of theory in the field.

Internship at the MS Level:
In the third semester of MS Health Psychology, students are required to do an 80-hour internship in any health related organization or institute as a course requirement. The institutes that students frequently work with include Diabetic, Pediatric and Psychiatric departments of Services, Mayo, Jinnah and Services Hospital. Internship report is evaluated by an external examiner and viva voce takes place at the end of the semester.