Department of Applied Psychology


Introduction :
Psychological society, LCWU was formed soon after the Applied Psychology department was established in Lahore College for Women University. Since then, the faculty of psychology dept. and students have been active members of the society.

What is being done?
Seminars, lectures and workshops are routinely organized by the Psychological Society related to a wide variety of topics such as hypnosis, confidence building, assertiveness training, stress and anger management, time management, and thinking skills, in which psychologists and other experts share their knowledge and experience with students and faculty. Furthermore, society members attend and participate in field-related activities organized by other institutions. The society has also initiated community welfare projects as of 2013. 

Objectives of the Society:
The psychology society aims at:
i- Promoting awareness about different issues relevant to people’s lives and psychological problems (disorders) through  organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
ii- Organizing different skill-based workshops to provide training for different skills and abilities such as time management, stress management, and leadership and organizational competencies
iii- Providing knowledge about new and emerging areas and developments in the field of psychology through posting various research findings etc. on Facebook and other web forums.  [Facebook page: Psychological Society - LCWU]
iv- Ensuring active participation of LCWU psychology dept. students in the events/competitions organized by other institutions
v- Raising awareness about different institutes and organizations working for mental health and community welfare
vi- Making interaction possible with different stigmatized and alienated segments of the society such as mentally handicapped persons and the elderly and promoting healthy bonding with them
vii- Working for dispelling various myths and misconceptions prevalent among  people related to different psychological issues
viii. Working for community welfare in various ways e.g. organizing poverty alleviation efforts and pro-environment initiatives  
viii- Mobilizing humanitarian efforts in times of a crisis such as flood, earthquake or epidemic through collection of donations, volunteer work, and awareness-raising campaigns.

Scope and Advancements in Psychology:
Today psychology is applied everywhere; from industry to sports, from advertisements (media) to crime, from minor problems to major conflicts, etc. The scope of psychology has broadened so much that it covers almost every aspect of life. Psychological Society aspires to play a dynamic role as a student body and to thus reflect the vibrant field that it represents. 

Departmental In charge: Amina Obaid Khawaja

President: Tehziba Kausar (PhD Year II)

General Secretary: Fatima Saleem (BS Year IV)