Department of Applied Psychology


  1. What is the scope and importance of Psychology as a field?

    A. Psychology is the study of people: how they think, react and interact. The role of Psychology and the psychologist has, over the years, expanded and permeated so many areas and spheres of society that it is difficult to think of where Psychology does not or has not made a mark. From familial relationships to organizational efficacy, from stress management at the individual level to international conflicts, from performance in sports to academic achievement, Psychology has much to offer through its research base, counseling and therapeutic services and education.

    2. What are the career opportunities for BS degree in Psychology?

    A. Psychology graduates are well suited for diverse careers in health and mental health organizations, business organizations, educational institutions, armed forces, administration and social work among others. They can:
    • Join the armed forces in the capacity of psychologist

    • Work for the Federal and Punjab Public Service Commission

    • Teach in educational institutions

    • Opt for a career in Clinical Psychology by pursuing a degree or diploma in Clinical Psychology and later working in psychiatric and mental health settings or privately.

    • Work with NGOs

    3. When do admissions in BS program start?

    A. Admissions to BS program start immediately after the Intermediate result is announced every year.