Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

Affordable and Clean Energy

Focal Person for SDG-7

Ms. Rimsha Musharraf

Designation: Lab-Engineer

Qualification: B.E (Electrical), MS (EE) Continued

Description for SDG-7: Affordable and Clean Energy

The world is making progress towards Goal 7, with encouraging signs that energy is becoming more sustainable and widely available. Access to electricity in poorer countries has begun to accelerate, energy efficiency continues to improve, and renewable energy is making impressive gains in the electricity sector. Nevertheless, more focused attention is needed to improve access to the clean and affordable energy. Educational institutes/Universities have an important  role to play in preparing society to adapt the renewable energy not only by providing the research and education related to its adaption techniques but also by outreaching/spreading awareness among their students and developing the required policies and practices to demonstrate their pledge for 100% renewable energy.