Quality Education

Focal Person for SDG-4

Associate Professor Statistics LCWU, Lahore
Post Doc University of Southampton, UK. 
PhD Statistics, GCU, Lahore, Pakistan.

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Year 2021
  1. 2-Day International Webinar “The Vision for Social Reforms and the Poetry of Firdowsi and Iqbal”  
  2. International webinar on "Matter and Energy in Current Era"
  3. Kashmir-Kashmir Solidarity Conference
  4. International Mother Language Day
  5. Sports-Cricket Match 2021
  6. Internship for LCWU Students
  7. Workshop on “Guidelines for Conversion of Annual System to Semester System" 
  8. Talent Hunt Competition
  9. 3 Day training for Non-teaching Faculty
  10. MoUs with EGB4 Technologies (US) and Imam Khumani International University, Iran
  11. Online Training Session on “How to Utilize Departmental Budget"
  12. Online Session on "Professional Trainings and Skills"
  13. Writing a Successful Funding Proposal
  14. Virtual Poster Competition
  15. E-Library
  16. Online session on "Servant Leadership"
  18. LCWU disbursed cheques for different Scholarships Programme
  19. Legends of Punjabi Language and Literature from all over the World
  20. First meeting of University Research and Innovation Board
  21. LCWU got 1st position in All Pakistan Women Judo Intervarsity Championship
  22. Webinar on” The Role Of Teacher In Nation Building”
  23. Online session by Prof.Gul Sadiq Afshan on “Thinking out of a box as a teacher and as an administrator”
  24. World Environment Day
  25. Entrepreneurial Gala 2021
  26. Online session by Prof. Gul Sadiq Afshan on “How to Be a Productive Leader as an Educator”
  27. Visit of Indonesian Ambassador to LCWU
  28. How Statisticians can help in Medical Research
  29. A five-days hands-on Network Security Training and Workshop
  30. Webinar Organised by Department of Political Science to Celebrate Independence Day

  31. Webinar on Hindu Nationalism Against Muslim Community in India

  32. Annual Exhibition organized by the Department of Interior Design, LCWU 
  33. Five days Training and Workshop by Riphah International University, Islamabad          
  34. Social Work Department arranged a seminar regarding "Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan"
  35. Statistics Poster Competition 2021
  36. Certificate Distribution ceremony for the 1st batch of Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan
  37. Webinar on Women Empowerment at LCWU
  38. Prime Minister's Electric Wheelchair Scheme for University Students
  39. Webinar on Breast Cancer Awareness
  40. International Breastfeeding Day Celebration & Inauguration of breastfeeding Corner
  41. Webinar on 14th of August 2021
  42. Project Exhibition organized by the Department of Home Economics, LCWU
  43. Workshop on "Empowering Young Women for better future of Pakistan" 
  44. An International Webinar on Generalized Barycentric Coordinates
  45. Workshop on Advanced Time Series Handling Techniques using Eviews and STATA
  46. لاہورکالج برائے خواتین یونیورسٹی میں سوشل سائنسز میں پی ایچ ڈی اسکالرز کی رہنمائی اور مقالہ جات لکھنے کی حکمت عملی ک متعلق ایک روزہ ورکشاپ     
  47. MOU Signing Ceremony between LCWU & Women Development Department
  48. Tree Plantation in LCWU
  49. VU and LCWU will join hands in developing joint academic programs and Blended Learning mode
  50. MOU signing Ceremony between LCWU and FCCU  
  51. Sports Festival held at LCWU to pay rich Tribute to the Martyrs
  52. A Penal Discussion at LCWU with CCPO on harassment of women
  53. HEC Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI)
  54. International webinar on Academic Writing
  55. ORIC-LCWU organized LOI signing Ceremony
  56. Glimpses of two day's Conference by department of Secondary Education
  57. LCWU got 3rd Position in All Inter University Swimming Championship
  58. An International Webinar on “Promotion of Urdu Language and Literature"
  59. Peridot Research Program
  60. TISC under ORIC LCWU, is proud to appear in World Intellectual Property Organisation(WIPO)
  61. ORIC LCWU is presenting video lectures on Intellectual Property Rights
  62. Christmas Ceremony
  63. Panel discussion on different political stakeholders to End Violence Against Women
  64. RIZQ LCWU  
Year 2020
  1. Corona fear, Anxiety, Phobia and is it Triggering Anger and Aggression in People
  2. International Webinar on Gender Dynamics in Current Pandemic
  3. Webinar on Mental Health Services during the Pandemic

  4. International Conference on Smart Plantation

  5. Internationl Webinar on Post Pandemic Higher Education Research Reshaping strategies & policies

  6. Clean and Green Pakistan Campaign in LCWU at Kala Shah Kaku Campus.

  7. LCWU has joined hands with Coursera the largest, E-Learning platform and online learning Community

  8. A seminar on entrepreneurship “How to generate innovative business idea”


  10. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY Generation Equality Realizing Women Rights LCWU

  11. International Webinar On “Gender Dynamics in the Current Pandemic”

  12. 1st Session Seerat un Nabi SAW Seminar, Department of Islamic Studies LCWU

  13. 2nd Session Seerat un Nabi SAW Seminar, Department of Islamic Studies LCWU

  14. Webinar On "Women Leadership for Freedom of Kashmir"

  15. National Women Day By Department of Mass Communication LCWU

  16. Seminar on Raising Awareness about Role of Police in Society

  17. International Webinar Punjab's Sikh Era and impact of Persian Art, Culture and Language                       

  18. International Webinar Day 1 (Life,Hope,& Persian Literature)

  19. International Webinar Day 2 (Life,Hope,& Persian Literature)

  20. Several Events by Statistics Department

  21. LISA LCWU Empowering women by Developing Research Capacity and Trainings in Statistics/ Data Science in Partnership with LISA 2020 UCB, USA

  22. 1st Online International Punjabi Conference "Punjab Punjabi Adab Ty Maa Boli"                        

  23. 3rd International Punjabi conference

  24. International Webinar on Nanotechnology in Current Era Day 1

  25. International Webinar on Nanotechnology in Current Era Day 2

  26. International Webinar on Nanotechnology in Current Era Day 3

  27. 3 Day training for teaching faculty on topic “Syllabus Writing”

  28. Informative session on FREE ONLINE EXIBITION website

  29. Seminar on Sexual Harassment

  30. Digital Inclusion Program

  31. Training session on PPRA Rules and their interpretation

  32. “Handling of Departmental Budget” 

  33. TOEFL preparatory Classes 

  34. Career Guidance and Counseling Centre Online Services                        

Year 2019
  1. First International Conference on Arabic language on 28th October 2019 LCWU.

  2. Floral Art Competition

  3. International Symposium on the Postcolonial and the Glocal dept of English 

  4. Project Display of BS student

  5. Kashmir Issue: A Crisis Beyond Boundaries LCWU Lahore College for Women University
  6. International conference the role of mysticism

  7. لاہور کالچ فارویمن یونیورسٹی،بین الا قوامی فکر اقبال کے عنوان سے سیمینار

  8. فکر اقبال ( دو روزہ سیمینار )

  9. ڈاکٹر جمیل جالبی کی یاد میں لاہور کالج برائے خواتین یونیورسٹی کے شعبہ اردو کے زیر اہتمام تعزیتی اجلاس

  10. لاہور کالج برائے خواتین یونی ورسٹی کے شعبہ اردو کے زیر اہتمام ایک روزہ بین الاقوامی سیمینار

  11. Dementia Awareness Event Report
  12. International  Conference titled as “Architectural Education towards Disaster Mitigation

  13. A National Symposium on Awareness, Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis and free screening camp of Hepatitis B and C and vaccination of hepatitis B

  14. Pakistan-Japan Joint Seminar on “Disability & Development” held at LCWU

  15. International Conference on Solid State Physics (ICSSP’19)
  16. Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

  17. Workshop on Personal Grooming

  18. شعبہ اردو کے زیر اہتمام لیکچر کا انعقاد موضوع : تقویم ہجری و عیسوی میں طبتیق
  19. 1st Turkish Abru Art Workshop's inauguration with the collaboration of Turkish Cultural Centre Lahore, Persian Department & IVAD, LCWU