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Kashmir Solidarity event on International Human Rights Day

Mass Comm. Deptt. & DSA LCWU participates in Kashmir Solidarity event on International Human Rights Day

Lahore: Dr. Anjum Zia, Head of Mass Communication Department, Lahore College for Women University, Ms. Bushra Nadeem, Director, Directorate of student affairs of LCWU, along a significant number of students and other staff members of varsity attended an event based on International Human Rights Day linked with Kashmir solidarity.

According to details the event was organized by Arfa Mazhar, CEO of SPO, and the Minister of Human Rights and minorities affairs, “Mr Ijaz Alam Augustine" was the Chief Guest at the event. Representatives of Hindu and Christian communities also offered prayers for the betterment of Pakistan and paid tribute to gallant Pak Army.
Several speakers were of the view that global community must stand with Pakistan on the violation of human rights in Indian held Kashmir and mourned over the situation of Kashmiris. The miserable situation of Kashmir was also portrayed by a group of special children showing their unity with Kashmiris. Along this performance many tabalos were also performed to show solidarity with Kashmiris.

The Honorable Chief Guest also emphasized on basic human rights and condemned the Indian Army and Government for their brutality and cruelty on the wretched Kashmiris. He also commented that deplorable situation in Kashmir could be better if India realized its decades old and current erroneous beliefs. Kashmiris are not even given their basic human rights. The basic human rights like freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of living must be provided to the Kashmiris.