News Archive - Sep 2019

Condolence Event Arranged of Parveen Sikander Gill

On September12, 2019 Lahore College Associates (LCA) arranged an event in commemoration of “Parveen Sikander Gill” in Lahore College for Women University. She was the alumini of LCWU and also (Q) Lwagues ex-MPA, known social worker and secretary of Punjab Hockey Association.

Number of members of Lahore College Associated attended the condolence meeting. Family members of Parveen Sikander Gill was also invited in the meeting and Nephew and niece of Parveen Sikander Gill especially attended the event. Attendees condemn the brutal murder of Paveen Sikander Gill and appeal the Government to arrest the murderers at earliest. At this moment Ex-Vice Chancellor, LCWU, Dr. Bushra Mateen said that her sudden death was a tragedy and great loss for us, which can never be repaid. Further she pleads to Government to penalize the murderers. Other members of the society in which Dr. Bushra, Professor Dr. Naseem Akhtar Saeed, Vice President Professor Miss Inkasar Nawaz, Senior Vice President Miss Shahida Sultan, Miss Tanveer-ul-Islam, Secretary and Joint Secretary Miss Shahida Waheed and Shireen Asad also attended the event. Participants of the event not only paid tribute to unforgettable contributions of Parveen Sikander but also express condemnation and remorse for her murder. Relatives of Parveen Sikander said that she was an active social worker and a helping hand for others and her departure is a great loss for them. Ayesha Tariq, Rabia Gill, Zeshan Gill, Mrs. Khalid, Ali Khalid Gill and Salman Khalid, who are her Nephew and Niece, accompanied with her brother Faizan Tariq, attended the event. President of LCA Dr. Farhat saleemi appealed Raja Basharat to take this murder case and investigate it on all cost , and hang on the culprit and give justice to Parveen Gill.At the end , controller of the examination branch Dr. Tahira Mughal suggested that number of students passing out every year will be awarded the prize in the honor of Parveen Gill by which Lahore College Associates agreed on this suggestion.