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Inaguration Ceremony of First Technology Development Fund project in LCWU

In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS) is a fish culture technology developed to increase production efficiency and yield. Few years back, this technology was developed by Auburn University, USA and in recent past years Chines Aquaculture Industry adopted this IPRS technology with support of Chinese Government. In Pakistan, this innovative technology is first time introduced in Southern Punjab by collaboration of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, SoyPak, Pvt. Ltd., Punjab Fish Farm and Lahore College For Women University, Lahore, which has brought solutions of major problems of Aquaculture industry of Pakistan which include less production per unit area, high cost, low FCR, wastage of water, poor aeration, challenged water quality and risk to natural resources.

Introduction of IPRS technology in Pakistan materializes the prime minister’s vision for development of Fisheries and Aquaculture industry in Pakistan. This first IPRS commercial and research demo site in Pakistan has been established with partial funds provided under Technology Development Fund of Higher Education Commission. Technical Consultancy by R.S.N. Janjua (SoyPak, Pvt. Ltd.) while Kamran Maqsood (Punjab Fish Farm) is the first progressive fish farmer who adopted this technology. Dr. Shafaq Fatima from Department of Zoology (Aquaculture), Lahore College For Women University, Lahore is the principal investigator in the project with Co-PI, Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Manzoor. Among 78 projects approved in 3rd Call of TDF, it was the only project in discipline of Aquaculture. Moreover, this project is the first achievement of Lahore College For Women University under Technology Development Fund of HEC.

Inauguration ceremony of first IPRS in Pakistan was held at Farmers Field Day on Sunday, August 4, 2019 in Haveli Koranga, District Khanewal. Respected Senator Rana Mahmood Ul Hassan (Member of Senate Standing Committee of Textile and Commerce) was the Chief Guest and he inaugurated the IPRS site and declared it a remarkable and history changing occasion for Aquaculture industry in Pakistan. He hoped that other farmers will also adopt this new and innovative technology. Guest of Honor, Director General Fisheries, Punjab, Dr. Sikender Hayat appreciated the IPRS-team for introduction of IPRS technology in Pakistan. Representative of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Tariq Aziz Chaudhary introduced the objectives and targets of technology Development Fund and mentioned about the historic struggle of HEC to bridge the gap between industry and academia. He also declared this technology the good news for Aquaculture industry of Pakistan and will encourage such innovative technology transfer project partially funded by HEC. R.S.N. Janjua, Consultant of the project gave a brief description of components and benefits of IPRS to participants and showed them to IPRS demonstration site. Advantages of IPRS are: i) Improved fish production (75-150 Kg / m3), ii) Reduced production cost per unit of fish production (<30-35%), iii) Improved Feed Conversion (FCR 1.00-1.4) and feeding efficiency, iv) 100% fish catch rate without discharge of water from pond, v) culturing different species in different raceways, minimize market prices risk, vi) Easier fish health management and production operation – minimal use of drugs and chemical to ensure food security, vii) capture 70% of nutrient in form of feces and use as crop fertilizer, viii) Zero water discharge for environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources, xi) Ecofriendly technique, x) efficient provision of animal protein to consumers.  Kamran Maqsood (Punjab Fish Farm) told the audience about his journey of progress as fish farmer and feed miller with cooperation and technical support of SoyPak, Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Shafaq Fatima (Lahore College For Women University) highlighted the features of this project. Audience appreciated the fact that this the first project under Technology Development Fund program of HEC which has been inaugurated in record time of 34 days.

Among other guests, a large number of officials and female students of Lahore College For Women University, Lahore and top officials of Fisheries Department, Punjab and more than hundred fish farmers from various areas were included. Progressive fish farmers such as Mian Jahangir, Director of South Punjab Fisheries (First 100 floating cages project of Pakistan, Punjnad), Shahid Sindhu and Zafar Sindhu (Tawakkal Tilapia Hatchery), Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman, Associate Professor, Aquaculture and Fisheries Dept., UVAS, also participated. Fish farmers were particularly excited and took keen interest in IPRS technology and appreciated the efforts of the team members. 

First In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS) Technology Demo Site in Pakistan under Technology Development Funds (TDF) of Higher Education Commission (TDF).
TDF03-132 Team: L-R: Mr. Kamran Maqsood, Punjab Fish Farm, Dr. Shafaq Fatima, Principal Investigator Department of Zoology, Lahore Colleges for Women University, R.S.N. Janjua, Consultant-IPRS, SoyPak.