News Archive - December 2020

Media Studies Majors at ATV Academy of Excellence

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has set-up the ATV Academy of Excellence under the supervision of television veteran Mr. Khawajah Najam-ul-Hassan. After many deliberations, this team has put together experiential learning cohorts under the mentorship of the most celebrated icons of media industry.

The competent faculty of your esteemed institution is invited to sign-up with the academy for the purpose of offering major / specialization to under-graduate and graduate batches in media studies. The academy envisions an enriched collaborative learning experience for faculty-members and students so as to make a meaningful contribution towards better media-academia linkages.

For necessary further details and queries, please feel free to write to Director of Academy, Mr. Khawajah Najam-ul-Hassan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please CLICK HERE to download the ATV Academy of Excellence.