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3-Day International seminar on Pakistan-Iran Relations

3-Day International seminar on Pakistan-Iran Relations
21st to 23rd January 2020
1st Day

Persian Department Organized a Book “گامِ اول (اردو)” Launch ceremony on 21st Jan 2020. This ceremony is held on connection with a 3-Day International seminar on Pakistan-Iran Relations arranged by Persian, Political Science and International Relations department Lahore College for Women University Lahore.
Dr. Bushra Mirza, Honorable Vice Chancellor, LCWU, Lahore. Dr. Reza Morad Sahrai, Vice President Saadi Foundation, Tehran-Iran / Director for Higher Education, Tehran-Iran, Dr. Morteza Noor Mohammadi, Associate Professor, Allama Tabatabai University, Tehran-Iran, Mr. Imran Masood, Vice Chancellor, South Asia University, Lahore, Mr. Razai Fard, Director General Iran Culture Center, various Deans, Directors, COD’s, faculty members of LCWU and others colleges graced the function with their presence. A large number of students also attended the ceremony.

The Book “گامِ اول (اردو)” is written by Mr. Raza Murad Sehrai Vice president Saadi foundation Tehran/Director for Higher Education Tehran, and his fellows. Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi, COD Persian Department has reviewed the book. It is written to fill its long-felt desideratum and cater the needs of all those who are interested in learning Persian, one of the widely spoken languages of the world. As the need of learning this language is increasing day by day, this book can play a significant role. Lahore College for Women University Lahore especially Persian Department has provided its full sport in publication & launch of the book. All the guests in their respective speeches highlighted the role of Persian language in strengthening Pakistan-Iran deep rooted relations and expressed hope that this book in accordance with its name will prove to be the first and good step in right direction.

The book was launched and presented to the honorable guests along with the souvenirs. The ceremony was followed by a delightful tea.

2nd Day of the seminar was organized by Persian, Political Science and International Relations Departments where Honorable Senator Muhammad Talha Mehmood Chairman Senators Committee, Senate of Pakistan was the Chief Guest, Among other honorable guests there were Mr. Raza Naziri the Consulate General of Iran at Lahore, Dr. Raza Murad Sahrai, Dr. Murtaza Noor Muhammadi, Mr. Razai Fard Director General Iran Culture Center, Lahore, Deans, Directors, Registrar, Principal and faculty members of various departments graced the occasion whereas a large number of students also attended the Programme.

2nd Day of the seminar started with recitation of the Holy Quraan by Hafiza Zainab (8th Semester Persian) after which a very information documentary on the Pakistan-Iran historical relations, their common interests and values by Rimsha Ali (Ph.D Scholar Persian). Then audience especially Honorable guests enjoyed Iranian National anthem and Pakistani National song beautifully presented by Persian Department students in their melodious voice.

Then the honorable guests and the COD’s of all the three departments exchanged their ideas about importance of the bilateral relations of both the sister countries and emphasized on the fact that through educational MOUs both the countries can be benefited with each other’s knowledge, research projects and may find the solution to various problems,
They also expressed hope that as Iran and Pakistan has stood by each other through thick and thin, there mutual cooperation will continue in future as well. Then souvenirs were presented to the honorable guests. In the end a delightful launch was served.

23rd January 2020, 3rd day of 3-Day International Seminar was organized by International Relations & Political Science departments. Chief Guest of 3rd day was Lt-Gen Javaid Hassan (Retd) where as Dr. Raza Murad Sehrai, Dr. Noor Muhammad and Mr. Imran Masood, former Education Minister Punjab was honorable guest speakers.

Dr. Sehrai and Dr. Noor Muhammadian presented their valuable research papers, while Mr. Imran Masood shared his thoughts about Pakistan-Iran foreign policies & relations and enlightened the minds of audience Faculty members as well as students of various departments. Lt-Gen Mr. Javaid Hassan (Retd) while sharing his views and memories said that Iran has always been our most peaceful neighbor. We never had any security threats from Iran border, which has remained a great blessing. He also expressed hope that our mutual ties, are based on trust and harmony and will be more fastened in future. Then the Vice Chancellor Dr. Bushra Mirza presented her Vote of thanks in the end souvenirs were presented to the honorable guests organizers of the seminar and a delightful tea was served.