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Online Counseling services for mothers and children during COVID-19

Career Guidance and Counseling Centre (CGCC) Lahore College for Women University Online Counseling Services for Mothers and hildren aged 4-10 years

Women Institute of Leadership and Learning (WILL) has an aim to impart broader, liberal and tolerant, vision to the students. We are ambitious to mould and train students in such a manner that they have a wider range of job opportunities in future so that at the end of the day they are economically viable units of the society. Career Guidance and Counseling Centre (CGCC) as part of WILL has always played its role to achieve these goals. The centre has always worked for better mental health and personality grooming of the students. Lahore College for Women University is a female university with most faculty and staff being female. Considering the working women issues and problems of our society, CGCC has been also providing mental health counseling services to LCWU’s female faculty.
COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded a major public health crisis in developing society like Pakistan. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, everyday life has changed and will continue to change for most people. Everyone is struggling with significant change to their routine e.g. remote working, online study of all students from schools to post graduate, social distancing and closure of many recreational activities.
Children and young ones are keen observers of people and environments. The current situation has caused emotional and mental health crisis for the younger population. The caregivers particularly mothers are challenged with many changes in their children like demand of extra attentions, sleeping and eating disturbances, irritability and many more. The problems of working mothers have increased in such scenario; where they have to manage the issues of children along with their remote working responsibilities e.g. teaching online, attending meetings, working on projects etc. Working mothers often feel exhausted because parenting can be difficult and also time consuming. The society and culture of Pakistan put heavy domestic chores responsibilities on females along with major role of care-giving and nurturing. Dealing with the emotional and mental health problems of children during pandemic is another source of females’ own mental health.
Keeping in view all the above mentioned situations during pandemic of COVID-19 Career Guidance and Counseling Centre (CGCC) intends to offer online Mother and Children Counseling Services for females of Lahore. 
Target Population
These online counseling services will target females of Lahore having children between 4-10 years. The mothers who are struggling with emotional and behavioral problems of children in response to pandemic can avail this facility. These services will support mother and child without feeling judged and with trust and confidentiality.

Counseling is offered for: 
These services will cater following issues and problems in response to COVID-19.
•    Anxiety and stress
•    Behavioral problems of children
•    Emotional difficulties including
o    problems in expression
o    moodiness
o    anger and aggression 
•    Lack of interest in activities
•    Poor relationship with siblings and family members at home
•    Attention and concentration problems
•    Problem having a healthy routine
•    Sleep and eating issues
•    Low self-esteem
•    Establishing effective online study habits
•    Managing family and study life together
The focus of these services is to facilitate our faculty and staff to manage their concerns and cope effectively with current life demands.

Monday-Friday     10:00 am – 2:00pm
The information will be kept highly confidential. Due to change in setup the online sessions will be 15-20 minutes duration. The recording of the session by client or counselor is strictly prohibited.

Process and guidelines to avail this facility
•    These counseling services will be provided to the females of Lahore and their children
•    For this purpose the faculty can email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their name and basic contact information along with brief detail of issue. Email will be replied by counselor requiring further details/or confirmation for online counseling session.
•    The counselor may ask further:
o    The nature of problem, duration etc.
o    Expectation from counseling session
•    The registration forms are also available on website that can be filled and emailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (rest of the process will remain the same)
•    The timings for the session will be mutually decided by client and counselors.
•    The email containing the WhatsApp number for audio WhatsApp session or Zoom meeting link will be shared
•    Depending on the need online counseling session with mother and children will be arranged

Online Recourses
The uncertainty and challenging environment in response to COVID-19 have developed number of responses including anger, anxiety, loneliness, mood changes, fear and worry. The centre is ready to help students and faculty to deal will these natural responses. Some online information reading material will be uploaded to support and meet the challenge of COVID-19. For this time following e-broachers will be uploaded (more will be added gradually).
•    A brief Guide to Well Being: tips to take care of physical and mental health
•    Free Guide To Living With Worry And Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty (Urdu version from Psychology Tools)
•    Corona virus Mental Health Strategies  
•    Effective online study habits    
Prof. Dr. Talat Sohail
Director Women Institute of Leadership and Learning/ Chairperson Department of Applied Psychology, LCWU
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Mamoona Riaz:
Career Guidance Material Developer/Psychologist
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Tabinda Jalil
Student Counselor/Psychologist
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Samina Uzair:
Student Counselor/Psychologist
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