News Archive - March 2020

“Leave No One Behind: Policy Brief on the Issues of Coalmine Workers and their Donkeys by Brooke Pakistan”

The Brooke Pakistan is doing highly commendable work to improve  health and welfare of animals and animal owners in coalmines in Pakistan using a One Health framework. On 10th March, 2020, they successfully launched  their new policy brief which includes very important recommendations to remedy the unfortunate prevailing circumstances where coal mine workers and their donkeys experience serious hardships. Dr Amina Obaid Khawaja from LCWU was invited to the launch as coordinator of Animal Welfare and Protection Society, LCWU. She was accompanied by two students Fatima Zeeshan and Maham Salahddin from BS year III. These students will be doing their ACP project in collaboration with Brooke for the welfare of donkeys working at brick kilns. 

It was revealed during the study that the donkeys at coalmines suffered from gastrointestinal tract and respiratory problems, eye problems, work related injuries, poor body condition, malnutrition, substandard living conditions, and poor sanitation. improve. It was recommended that these animals must be provided access to veterinary health services through mobile ambulance . They rarely get any veterinary care. Free first aid kits to the owners of these donkeys should be given so that they get initial medical care well in time. Mine rescue department should be trained on how to rescue working animals in case of emergency or disaster. Besides this, there is a need to bring behavioral change among mine owners and workers so that they develop empathy towards the donkeys that contribute a lot to their economic well being.