NEWS ARCHIVE - December 2021

HEC DLSEI Scholarships for Students

LCWU is offering Need based Student Scholarships for HEC DLSEI Courses. Deadline is 13th December 2021 (may be extended subject to availability of scholarships).

Scholarships are offered “first come” basis. 

Use LCWU Website for online registration and access disclaimer form: 

*Submit following documents after online registration

1.    Hard copy of signed Disclaimer form

2.    Application for need based scholarship

3.    Attested Copy of University Card and CNIC card 

***Please note that in case of non-compliance of terms and conditions (and disclaimer) mentioned at HEC DLSEI website, scholarship amount will be charged from learner.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is offering a wonderful opportunity to the students at Public Sector Universities to enhance and boost their skills through the top-class learning platform Coursera. Offering 1000+ courses and 28 learning tracks that will help you to develop your skills and fast track your career. 

Regular Enrollments (non-Scholarships Track) 

FEE REIMBURSEMENT MODEL is offered to the students of PUBLIC SECTOR UNIVERSITIES in the DLSEI-II Project. the 4000 PKR fee will be reimbursed to the learner by completing 3 courses and getting a certificate for each course on one license.

For more information visit:


HEC Website: 

LCWU Website for procedure: