News Archive - August 2021

Webinar on “Hindu Nationalism” in commemoration for 100 year celebration of Lahore College for Women University

The Department of Political Science organized a webinar on “Hindu Nationalism” in commemoration for 100 year celebration of Lahore College for Women University. The webinar was conducted on 11th of August 2021 and speakers were invited from different universities to share their expertise and knowledge. The webinar had 6 speakers being:

·         Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza (Vice chancellor, LCWU)

·         Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal (Dean Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

·         Dr. Sajid Awan (Senior Research Fellow NIHCR, Quaid-e-Azam University)

·         Dr. Muhammad Younas (Associate Professor, Pol. Science Department FCCU Lahore)

·         Dr. Aisha Shahzad (In-charge Political Science Deptt.)

·         Dr. Maryam Azam (Assistant Professor Deptt. of International Relations)

The webinar commenced with the presence of worthy Vice-Chancellor Dr. Bushra Mirza who enunciated the highlights of the event and highlighted the purpose of this webinar. The first speaker Dr. Sajid Awan explained the detailed history of evolution of idea of Hindu nationalism in United India and led to serve one of the key reasons of partition of 1947. He emphasized the role of Indian National Congress and its leadership in formation of Hindu nationalism as a political force. He further enunciated that despite the declaration of secularism as a constitutional feature of Indian constitution, Hindu Nationalism sustained as a significant social dynamic in post–partition scenario in India which became more antagonistic and less compromising once BJP arrived into power. The second speaker Dr. Aisha Shahzad vocalized the historical and constitutional perspective of Hindu Nationalism against Muslims community. She further clarified causes and reason behind heated arguments regarding religion in Hindu community and arrayed a brief explanation for reasons behind victimization of Muslims based on their identity. The third speaker Dr. Maryam Azam provided us succinct understanding of how the BJP government has tried to build nationalism on the basis of identity politics and its impact on the institutions of Indian state, Indian society and the overall politics of the region. The fourth speaker Dr. Younas provided a basic understanding of ground realities of what is happening in the Indian occupied Kashmir. The last speaker Dr. Muhammad Afzal thanked the speakers for providing their useful knowledge and facts regarding Hindu nationalism against Muslims and he explained LCWU’s aims on educating its students regarding Kashmir issue and making them responsible youth.