News Archive - August 2021

Webinar on 14th of August 2021 to celebrate the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan

The department of Political Science LCWU organized a webinar on 14th of August 2021 to celebrate the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan. It was conducted by the faculty and students in co-ordination and following were the speakers invited to speak:

·         Dr. Aisha Shahzad (In-charge Pol. Science Dept.)

·         Dr. Sadia M. Falki (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Pol. Science)

·         Dr. Maryam Azam (Asst. Professor, Dept. of International Relations)

·         Dr. Saima Butt (Ass. Professor, Dept. of Pol. Science)

·         Ms. Sadia Ashraf Rana (Lecturer, Dept. of Pol. Science)

The webinar focused on the struggles, strategies and sacrifices of our leaders, who fought 7 decades ago for the Independence of Pakistan. It is critical that we look back in time and recall all the events that led to the formation of Pakistan as a separate state under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Our first speaker Dr. Aisha Shahzad explained comprehensively how All India Muslim League (AIML) as a representative party of Muslims played a vital role during the Pakistan Movement to achieve various goals such as separate electorates and articulation of Political demands. She described the strategies and goals of AIML during the Pakistan movement.

Our second speaker Dr. Sadia M. Falki highlighted that to secure political and constitutional rights for Muslim majority provinces in particular and Muslim community in general, the demands of provincial autonomy were always considered an important mechanism. She asserted that the political and constitutional struggle even long before Lahore Resolution was much characterized by the notion of provincial autonomy and a political system based on Federalism in United India. Demands of provincial autonomy by Muslim political elite led to highlight the religious identity of Muslims to claim their rights over the diverse multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic Muslim majority areas in India.

Our third speaker Dr. Maryam Azam highlighted the challenges Pakistan had to face as a state and the potential of Pakistan as state in long term. She also highlighted the major power centres in Pakistan since Independence. Our fourth and fifth speakers Dr. Saima Butt and Ms. Sadia Rana highlighted general aspects of Independence and Ms. Rana briefed the importance of Independence and duties of different sections and people in the society. Lastly Dr. Saima Butt explained the significance of independence and reminded our viewers and listeners of all the challenges and sacrifices which our leaders faced. On ending note, an In-charge of the department directed a message to civilians mainly our student body to keep up their efforts for Pakistan.