News Archive - April 2022

Entrepreneurial Gala 2022

Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences, Lahore College for Women University Lahore has successfully organized Entrepreneurial Gala (EG-22) on 01st April 2022 (Friday).

EG-22 has provided a platform to female business students to exhibit their final year entrepreneurial projects. The purpose of the exhibition was twofold. First, to equip female students with the skills, knowledge, and expertise required for becoming successful entrepreneurs so as to help them to assimilate Modern Entrepreneurship in Business Practices. Second, the exhibition has helped in building industry-academia linkages which is dire need of the time in Pakistan. This linkage will be helpful for the development and training of students. Overall, the 30 groups have presented their business plans relating to different products i.e. IT related projects (Smart Blind Stick ); Eco-Friendly Projects (Plantree: Plantable Stationary Products), Natural Straws, Edible Cutlery, The Lavenders), and range of services (Thrifty Decor, Bind it, One Dollar Food, ICT (Illuminating Crystal Tiles, Troodie: Travel Hoodies, Cake Walkers etc.)

The CEOs/Industrial Experts of various companies evaluated the 30 entrepreneurial projects of students.
The Worthy Vice Chancellor LCWU, Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza appreciated the efforts of students and the respected faculty members, for their keen supervision and guidance. She admired the initiative taken by the Chairperson of Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences. She also focused on the industry-academia linkages as well as the collaboration between different Departments of Lahore College for Women University.

The respected Vice Chancellor distributed the certificates among top 10 groups. She also presented the souvenir to the CEO’s / industry experts.
The Chairperson, Dr. Muhammad Fiaz concluded the event with the note of thanks. He particularized the initiatives taken in the Department (PhD program. MBA Executive, MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Department of Law etc.) He acknowledged the faculty members for successful organization of Entrepreneurial Gala 2022.  The event was followed by the Lunch for the esteemed guests and faculty members.