News Archive - October 2022

A Teaching Practicum display was organized by STEM Education Department

A Teaching Practicum display was organized by the STEM Education department where the students displayed their audio-visual aids along with their lesson plans and portfolios which they prepared during their teaching practice in different secondary schools. Chair person STEM Education Dr. Fakhra Aziz, chairperson Secondary Education Dr. Ghazala Noreen, Chairperson Elementary and Teacher Education p Dr. Asma Kazi, and Dr. Afifa Khanum inaugurated the event on October 20th, 2022.

All the faculty of Education visited and appreciated the students' work.

The students worked under the guidance of Dr. Sadaf Jabeen, Coordinator BS program, Dr. Aishah Siddiqua, course coordinator and under the supervision of Ms. Iqra Akram and Kiran Iftikhar.