News Archive - October 2022

International Florence Nightingale Day


Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) Celebrated the International Florence Nightingale Day to underline the Importance of role of women in Statistics and Data Visualization. Florence Nightingale, one of the most prominent Statisticians in history, used her passion for Statistics to save lives of soldiers during the Crimean war, and do groundbreaking work in Data Visualization that continues to be influential to this day. To acknowledge her work in Statistics LISA-LCWU and Statistical society, Department of Statistics LCWU organized a walk on Monday, 31st October, 2022. The walk was regulated by the honorable Chairperson of LISA-LCWU & Department of Statistics Dr. Asifa Kamal and society members. Ms. Rahat Ajmal, Principal Intermediate College, Lahore College for Women University was invited as the Chief Guest. All the senior faculty members and students of Department of Statistics participated in the walk. While expressing her views Dr. Asifa Kamal said “Florence Nightingale the lady with lamp is known as the “lady with the Data” because of her work in Statistics”, she further said that “Her most famous design, which we use in varying forms today, was the “coxcomb.” The coxcomb is similar to a pie chart, but more intricate”. Dr. Asifa Kamal summarized by saying that “Florence Nightingale is the best role model for the young girls who are studying Statistics”.