News Archive - August 2022

Ms. Masooma Mubasher participated in Water and Gender equality contest


Miss Masooma Mubasher, student of MS Gender and Development Studies session (2020-2022) had  participated in the “Water and Gender equality contest” in August 2022.The project research report was on “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. She have won the context around the globe. The contest titled was“Water and Gender equality contest for youth engagement in Asia and pacific region”. This contest was co-organized by UNESCO international centre for water security and sustainable management (i-WSSM), and UNESCO world water assessment program (WWAP). The project was supervised by Ms. Zain Khadija lecturer GDS and she payed her special gratitude to  incharge of Department of Gender and Development Studies Dr.Uzma Ashiq Khan for support and faith in her students and faculty. Above all special thanks for Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and worthy Vice Chancellor without their support it would not be possible.


2022 Water and Gender Equality Contest for Youth Engagement in the Asia and Pacific Region (Video Link)


Room XI
Timing: 09:04