News Archive - March 2022

A Seminar on “Violation of Human Rights”

A Seminar on the topic of “Violation of Human Rights” was organized by the students of the Social Work Department, Lahore College for Women University with the collaboration of the “Jugnu Social Welfare Organization” on 24th March, 2022 at Student Service Center, LCWU.

The  purpose  of  the  seminar  titled  “Violation  of  Human  Rights”  was  to  discuss  basic human rights and how they are violated all over the world. The speakers had an interactive session with the students and engaged them by giving a brochure which was comprised of some points from “Khutba Hajjatul Wida” that are directly related to human rights.

The Founder of Jugnu Social Welfare Organization Mr. Obaid ullah was the first guest speaker, he explained the fundamental human rights and told that these rights are inborn and given as a blessing to every human being. And no one has the authority to violate them and if someone still does so, he is accountable for it.

The second guest speaker, Prof.  Dr.  Mohammad Ali, from Punjab University discussed the Islamic point of view on Human Rights. He had an interactive session with the students and told them that no Human Rights Charter or any Magna Carta is better than the golden principles that are mentioned in the last sermon of Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A). Islam is the only religion that gives rights to all human beings and prohibits violation of these rights at any cost. 

Various political stakeholders discussed human rights issues of Pakistan and their challenges in the seminar. 

Faculty members from various department and the Incharge, Social Work Department Ms. Nazia Salah ud Din attended the seminar. At the end of seminar, certificates were distributed among the organizing team and bouquets were presented to the guest speakers.