News Archive - May 2022

Calligraphy Exhibition organised by Arabic Department, LCWU

Arabic department has conducted Calligraphy Exhibition on 19th May, 2022 in NHQ gallery institute of design and visual arts by students of Arabic department. This exhibition is a part of LCWU 100 year’s celebration. Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza (Vice Chancellor LCWU, Lahore) was the chief Guest of this Exhibition. The students learn calligraphy as minor subject, although they have no fine arts background, but our aim to teach them maximum in minimum time period, so they can be a part of visual arts as an artist, and establish the knowledge of different Arabic calligraphic fonts among the students so they can fulfill their passion in Arabic language and in Arabic calligraphy. The purpose of this exhibition is to encourage students to become a part of contemporary time period as an artist or calligraphers.