Department of Environmental Sciences Celebrated a Plastic Free Day 2023

The Environmental Science Department at Lahore College for Women University celebrated a special event, "Plastic Free Day 2023," in eve of World Environment Day 2023. The theme was "Beat Plastic Pollution"

The event aimed to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and encourage sustainable alternatives among the students and staff of the university.

As a part of the event, the students of Environmental Sciences Department actively participated in a poster and reuse activity. They used their artistic skills to create visually appealing artwork that highlighted the consequences of plastic pollution on the environment.

Awareness campaign was driven to engage a wider audience in which the head of department Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir, faculty members and guests from the tourism department also participated in an awareness walk.

The main part was the cutlery activity in the cafeteria to promote the use of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cutlery and use of No plastic for the whole day.