NEWS ARCHIVE - November 2023

Session on "How to Become an IT Entrepreneur"?

 How to Become an IT Entrepreneur? - A session by Startup Institute powered by DigiCon Valley

Khadija Tul Kubra Business Incubation Center (K-BIC) organized an interactive session on “How to Become an IT Entrepreneur?” on 1st November 2023 in IT Conference room. K-BIC collaborated with Startup Institute (powered by DigiCon Valley) to arrange this highly impactful event, meticulously orchestrated under the guidance of Dr. Maria Anjum, supported by her proficient team comprising Ms. Farah Saleem Qureshi, Mr. Muhammad Yousaf, Ms. Nadia Tahir, and the enterprising members of the Entrepreneurial Club.
This occasion welcomed distinguished guest speakers, Mr. Waleed, the Managing Director, and Ms. Samra Tahir, the Manager. In this event, Mr. Waleed’s enlightening discourse provided attendees with an extensive understanding of startups and their diverse classifications. His authoritative insights navigated the audience through the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship. He delivered an in-depth presentation on crafting a compelling pitch deck. His meticulous delineation of vital do's and don'ts equipped the audience with indispensable tools to construct a persuasive pitch capable of captivating potential investors. A pivotal segment of the event comprised an insightful discussion on the common pitfalls leading to startup failures. Drawing upon real-world examples and case studies, the speakers illuminated the challenges that entrepreneurs frequently encounter.
This session proved invaluable, furnishing attendees with a wealth of practical knowledge. The candidates registered for Cohort 2023 also attended the session as their pre-incubation training. The event further featured an engaging questionnaire session, affording students a unique opportunity to interact directly with the guest speakers. This open forum facilitated in-depth discussions, allowing participants to seek clarification on various aspects of startups and entrepreneurship.

Notably, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Nazir (CoD Software Engineering Department) and Dr. Saima Farhan (CoD Computer Science Department), along with their esteemed faculty members, contributed their expertise to the session, enhancing the depth of knowledge and insights shared.

To conclude the event, a certification ceremony was held, wherein the dedication and efforts of the participants were duly acknowledged. These certificates stand as a tangible testament to the knowledge gained and connections forged during this enriching experience.