NEWS ARCHIVE - March 2024

LCWU win Inter- Universities Poster Competition

Inter- Universities Poster Competition Topic: Mental Health is a Universal Human Right

Department of Gender and Development Studies, LCWU, secure the win….

Department of Psychology Dr. Ajmal Psychological Society Government College University Lahore organized an INTER-UNIVERSITIES POTER COMPETITION on 5th March 2024. The theme of the poster competition was “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right”.  Students of Gender and Development Studies from BS II, IV, and VI participated in the poster competition. Under the supervision of MS. Farah Adil, lecturer Gender and Development Studies, the students presented six posters on contemporary gender issues.The themes of posters depicted “mental health is a universal human right” were  challenges faced by working women that effected  their mental health  at workplace, the concept of intersectionality, role of media to promote reformed gender roles at domestic level and gender roles strain among men. The students of Gender and Development Studies, LCWU got 3rd position in inter-universities posters competition. VC, GCU appreciated the poster that depicted role of media to promote mental health at domestic level through reformed gender roles in TV advertisements presented by BS VI semester students.