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Meeting of HESSA planning team and HESSA forum

Meeting of HESSA  planning team and HESSA forum was held on 6th November 2023

All the faculty members who have attended trainings under HESSA project Component A, Leadership, Governance and Management Challenges at HEIs;  were invited to share their learning outcomes along with future plans through presentations.

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The following Participants were invited to present their presentation  in the meeting: 

Women Leadership Cohort 1

1.  Prof. Dr Arifa Tahir

2.  Prof. Dr. Masooma Abbass

Women Leadership Cohort 2

3. Prof. Dr. Riffat Dar, Chairperson Research Center for Art & Design

4. Prof Dr. Humaira Majeed, Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Allied Health Sciences

Department Chairs Cohort 1                     

1. Prof. Dr. Zohra Kiyani, Chairperson of Physics Department, LCWU

2. Dr. Asifa Kamal, Chairperson of Statistics Department, LCWU

3. Dr. Saima Farhan, Chairperson of Computer Science Department, LCWU

Department Chairs Cohort 2

1. Dr. Samia Nasreen, Chairperson of Economics Department, LCWU

2. Prof. Dr. Bushra Naseem, Chairperson of Chemistry Department, LCWU



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