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Seminar on "Smog Awareness"

Department of Environmental Science, Lahore College for Women University conducted a seminar on "Smog Awareness" on November 17, 2023 aligned with the Air Quality Awareness Week 2023 , aimed to address the critical issue of smog in Lahore. Professor Dr. Zulfiqar Ali from the *Department of Zoology, University of Punjab*, served as the guest speaker, providing profound insights into the Health Impacts, sources and challenges posed by smog. He also highlighted the escalating problem of crop burning in Lahore as a major cause of smog. *Miss Nadia Tahir, Director Environment, Ravi urban Development Authority*, delivered a presentation shedding light on the contribution of multiple industries burning materials to the smog issue in Lahore. Additionally, *Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali* discussed ongoing research by students, focusing on the impact of smog and air pollution on animals and birds like Black kite followed by an interactive session with students for practical solutions of this critical issue of smog. The seminar also provided detailed information on *instruments* for measuring the *Air Quality Index* , specifically *particulate matter* *2.5* and *10*, NOx, SOx, Carbon Monoxide equipping the audience with practical tools for monitoring air quality. *Prof. Dr. Arifa Tahir Chairperson Environment Science Department* concluded the seminar with her remarks and motivated the students to be responsible as an environmentalist and a responsible citizen to overcome such Environmental issues. The comprehensive presentations and discussions underscored the significance challenges posed by smog and air pollution in Lahore.