Department of Zoology


Zoology department was established in 1956. Dr. Nazir Ahmad was the First head of the Department of Zoology. Zoology an experimental and comparative animal science presents an innumerable forum for all scientists who take an explicitly organism oriented and integrative approach to study cell biology, functional morphology, development and evolution.

Zoology underpins society's interest in conservation and freshwater/marine science including major contributions to current research in fisheries, ecosystem management, plant and animal breeding. The improvement in animal rearing, culturing and reproductive techniques is one of the major tasks of zoologists. Application of zoological science in the field of aquaculture and fisheries is well known.

Zoological Knowledge through Zoological teaching and research are applicable to fields of medicine, dentistry, Veterinary medicine, medical technology, nursing, Museum Work, agriculture, environmental science and conservation. Animal as vectors are responsible for the transference of disease by Anopheles (Malaria), sand-fly (kala-azar), Tse-tse (sleeping sickness), house-fly (typhoid). The control and cure of these diseases are studied by economic zoologists and entomologists.

Zoology is intimately connected with industry through innovative research and application of zoological principles for animal productions such as coral, pearl, honey, wax, silk, lac, shell of turtle, bones, feather, tusk, leather and fur are of high demand. These products can be increased from our knowledge.

Department of Zoology at LCWU, Lahore has emerged as an integrative discipline encompassing the most diverse aspects of animal life, from the level of the gene to the level of the ecosystem with the vision

To be among the leading inspirational and integrative university departments for zoological research, teaching and learning, with a ground-breaking spirit of "Encouraging innovation and pursuing Excellence"