Department of Home Economics


Students of BS Home Economics are required to complete an internship of 6 weeks (in any one of the selected area of specialization) for the partial fulfillment of their BS degree. 

The organizations / institutes where students usually visit for internship program are as follows. 

Food and Nutrition

•    Shaukat Khannum Hospital, Lahore

•    Services Hospital, Lahore

•    Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore

•    CMH, Lahore 

Human Development and family studies

•    CMH, Lahore

•    Shaukat Khannum Hospital, Lahore

•    Sheikh Zaid Hospital

•    SOS Villages

•    Children Library 

Interior and Environmental Design

•    Chen One

•    NM Furnitures

•    Sadia & Rizwan Associates

•    Kamil Khan Mumtaz Associates 

Textiles and Clothing

•    Nishat Textiles

•    Shahkam Industries Pvt. Ltd

•    Sapphire Textiles

•    Chen One

•    Bareeze’

•    Chinyere

•    Maria B

•    Kashish Boutique

•    Arshad’s Designing Studio

•    HSY