Department of Home Economics


Home Economics Society

Home Economics society was formed in 1998 which comprises of faculty and students of Home Economics department. Society actively participates in different events and competitions for ensuring the students involvement in community welfare. Students of Home Economics participated in different departmental competitions (salad & Sandwich making, dress competition, dry & fresh flower competition, card making, poster making) at various institutes and won numerous prizes. 

Objectives of the society

Society of Home Economics aims to:

i.        Motivate the students to take part in co-curricular activities.

ii.        Help the students to choose their area of interest by giving them opportunities.

iii.        To raise awareness among students to learn different skills and techniques by arranging different events, project displays, exhibitions and stalls.

iv.        Involve in fund raising activities for charity purposes such as flood and earthquake victims. 

Advancements in Home Economics Society

Home Economics society aims to provide the platform to practice in all five disciplines for the purpose of advancement in different areas. The scope of Home Economics serves as a link between academia and society by providing webinars, awareness seminars, project displays and entrepreneurial exhibitions for students. The aim of Home Economics broadened so much that it covers almost every aspect of life.