Department of Home Economics

Learning Outcomes

· Students shall be able to demonstrate perceptual acuity, conceptual and contextual understanding, and technical facility at a professional entry level in their chosen fields of Home Economics. 

· Students shall be able to solve visual/aural, conceptual, and technical problems through independently- and collaboratively- generated analysis, evaluation, and refinement. 

·  Students shall be able to assess and present their research, process, and outcome in an articulate manner. 

·  Students shall be able to develop and produce relevant projects using various media and technologies — traditional and contemporary — appropriate to their field. 

·  Students shall be able to demonstrate professional skills appropriate to the field of art and design with an ability to visually communicate information/ideas and create work of market standards. 

·  Students shall have an ability to work as Dieticians, Clinical Nutritionists, and Food and Nutrition experts with the acquired skills and effectively apply the learned concepts to improve the nutritional health of communities. 

·  Students shall be able to practice their skills in different areas as psychologists, school administrators, counselors, language therapists for special children. 

·  Students shall be capable of applying their practical skills in the field of interior designing, lighting designers, interior architects and be able to design interior spaces to cater the needs of special people. 

·  Students shall have the ability to apply their learned capabilities as fashion designers, textile designers, entrepreneurs, merchandiser and brand product developer.